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A bit about Karin:

EFT Master Karl Dawson

EFT Master Karl Dawson

I have benefited greatly both personally and professionally by knowing Karin due to her wisdom, experience and unprecedented knowledge of EFT and other Meridian Tapping Techniques.

Her tireless willingness to help others is a rare gift and, as such, I could not think of a person better suited to organize the USA’s first Advanced MTT organisation. Her passion for MTT is only surpassed by her drive to get this life-changing work out to the world. One of life’s multi-talented and incredibly intuitive creators, a few days with Karin learning these amazing techniques is a treat that everyone should experience.  – Karl Dawson, EFT Master & Creator of Matrix Reimprinting  www.e-f-t.co.uk

Paul Lynch

When I look back upon my life, there will be a few people that hold a special place in my heart. Karin Davidson will be one of them. Her presence has the same effect on me as EFT, she soothes me immediately. Her natural warm magnetism draws people to her and her infectious laugh comes from her love for humanity. She exudes such calmness and clarity, and conveys her teaching to you in ways I can’t explain, the ways that bring out the best you have. In essence, Karin Davidson makes you feel like God has tickled you under the chin.
– Paul Lynch, www.the-heart-centre.com

Cindy Kubica

Cindy Kubica

I’m 38 lbs lighter!
For months I struggled with fatigue & pain, I was diagnosed with MS, fibromyalgia, & Hashimoto’s (thyroid disorder) and my weight skyrocketed. I ate a mostly raw an organic diet, took supplements, exercised & practiced various energy healing techniques, but I didn’t get the results I wanted. Then I worked with Karin & EFT/Matrix Reimprinting & cleared the core issues. My body immediately began responding & now I’m 38 lbs lighter & my body is healing. I feel incredible! – Cindy Kubica, International Speaker and Interview Host

Mark David

Mark David

Life-time phobia GONE!
Ever since a was a child, I have been scared to death of spiders. Even just the site of a spider across the room would terrify me. Tapping got me to where I at least could LOOK at a spider, but after one session of Matrix Reimprinting with Karin Davidson, the phobia was COMPLETELY GONE. I could hardly believe it myself! After all these years – gone in 20 minutes. – Mark David



Doctors couldn’t help!
I have often felt I just didn’t belong on this planet. And after 60 years, I was just exhausted. I was diagnosed with a very rare sleep disorder Ideopathic Hypersomnia. I couldn’t stay awake. I had spells of falling asleep without warning – when driving, in the bathtub, waiting for the train. The medical doctors couldn’t help. I was dying, and wanted to be, but Karin used Meta-Medicine to diagnose the cause & Matrix Reimprinting to clear it. I now have my energy & my body back. I can stay awake & sleep appropriately. I really do love my life. Thank you, Karin for not giving up on me when everyone in the allopathic kingdom did so. – NG, M.Ed., LPC

Stephanie Dodd

My Baby Could Finally Sleep
Something amazing happened this morning! My 7 month old has been having intense stomach pain affecting his sleep. I’ve been working on my diet which is helping but this week it has been so hard for him to fall asleep with this pain. Just now I began tapping on him while he was squirming in my arms and it instantly began to work! He’s calmly sleeping and I know the tapping was the wonder! THANK YOU!
– Stephanie Dodd

Flying Lesson

Flying phobia to flying lesson!
Attached is a picture from the weekend. I took a flying lesson on Sunday – tiny 4 seater. It was good. – AT (Note from Karin: Now THIS is what I call testing the work. WOW!)


Universal Source Energy Session with Karin Helped My Children!
I’m truly grateful for the work Karin has done on my kids. She worked on them remotely and did a great job. I didn’t even have to be present at the sessions, but I knew deep in my heart I could trust her and just knew she would do her very best to help them- and I was right! She’s not only a skilled and experienced healer, but also a very caring, supportive and understanding human being. I also love it that she has a great sense of humor- interacting with her is a real delight. She also worked on me and I was very encouraged by the shifts I experienced and by what I witnessed in my children as well. She came to the rescue at a very troublesome time for my family and took very good care of all of us. Karin is amazing, I’m so glad I found her!

One EFT Session Quickly Accomplishes More then Years of Talk Therapy
Whoa… this stuff is so crazy! I honestly can say I had my doubts before I came today — I mean, I underwent talk therapy with some of the biggest, most accomplished names in the area… and here I am tapping on myself with much more immediate and ‘real’ results. Nuts.Thanks. Seriously.
– KR

4 Year Old Daughter Had Huge Impact
Thanks for the amazing session yesterday, it made a huge impact on (my daughter.)  I noticed right away that she is more outgoing at school, with people, and not as frightened of people she doesn’t know. She seems to be in a better mood. When she is asking for something that I don’t want her to have and I tell her no, she moves on easier now. She even reasons better. – LB
Does it work? It Does!
Wow! I have never spoken to Karin and have had all of my sessions conducted remotely during times I was unaware they were happening, but I can attest to success of the method and Karin’s application of it. Several times when I would receive my recording a day or more after the session, I would have JUST experienced either a healing spike or a burst of energy or something significant enough to have quizzically shared with others. Then when I received the recording and did the math, it made perfect, yet still surprising sense to this mind which, despite being open to alternative ways of thinking, is discerning enough to want proof. Ultimately, it comes down to, “Does it work?” It DOES! Thank you! –LC
One Session and Painting Again after 17 years!
I’m ACE Master and Energy  EFT trainer from Brazil. I contacted Karin Davidson for a session; I decided to work with her because she is a skilled and talented practitioner and I was sure that she was able help me to solve my issues. At that time, I was studying for my ACE certification and my mind was racing so much that I couldn’t focus. That made me feel lost and  frustrated because I knew I was not manifesting my best, I was feeling stuck and hopeless in many areas of my life.
She easily found out the root cause of my issue, and used the “Release and Replace Shortcut,” an advanced Matrix Reimprinting technique. She was brilliant since I had many situations that were leading me to have that behavior.
It was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I love that powerful technique and she freed me from heavy childhood and adolescence burden.
When we were close to the end of the session, a memory about my art blockages  popped up. I was surprised how she can work with many issues in just one session. It  was like we worked for 3 or 4 hours, I feel like she took me to a higher dimension, were I could address and reframe my issues from a higher mind.
I felt safe and comfortable working with her, and after few minutes my problem was solved and the effects echoed for many days. It was a profound cleansing in my energy field and neurology.
I successfully passed my ACE exam and more than that,and  I could finally restart painting after 17 years! Last year I did much more things that I was planning to, thanks so much Karin for being part of my journey. I’m also grateful for your video courses, everything I’ve been learning from you took my practice to a higher level. –FM

I became completely pain-free
At the time of my car accident, I had no pain whatsoever, just a lot of stress from the shock. A few days later, sharp stinging pain began to shoot up and down my left leg and lower back every time I got out of my car or stood up. I began getting massages and going to physical therapy, but the pain would still come and go for months. One particularly stressful and rainy day the pain kept increasing. By evening I could barely walk. I went to my friend Karin who is an EFT practitioner and we did 15 minutes of EFT and the pain completely subsided.
– Joe D, Professional Ballroom Dance Teacher, www.ballroomjoe.com

Blown away in Merion, Pa
I am again blown away. How does a little tapping and talking, a little repeating of words suggested by Karin, relieve chronic lower back with which I have suffered for years? Could pain, in some cases, really be caused by some kind of emotional blockages? How is it possible that running my fingers lightly on specific points while talking dissolve those blockages? I am a business guy. I understand cause and effect, action and results. I don’t understand how this tapping works but I do understand that in the hands of a well trained EFT professional are the skills necessary to free me from intense, chronic pain. Karin you are Amazing. EFT works. – Tom Richter

Years of Constant Pain Alleviated
I have no pain in my leg. It’s amazing. You don’t understand, I live with pain all the time. It’s been 20 years since I had no pain in my leg. It’s a miracle.
– BD

Lighter and Happier in One Session
A giant thank you to Karin for my first appointment today. She spotted my anxiety right away by phone and helped me to calm down. When the session was over, I felt I had lost a ton of negative emotion from my body. I felt lighter and much happier. Her broad range of techniques shine throughout the appointment time, allowing her to customize each session to the client’s needs. We are truly blessed that someone of her extremely high knowledge and experience of 10 years and 5000 healing sessions available to us by phone, SKYPE and in person. – DR

Surrogate Tapping Works in 3 Minutes
My friends’ child was crying from a vaccine. She’d been crying for 3 hours. I used the Magic Buttons Bear and in 3 minutes, she stopped crying.
– KG

Depression Lifted with EFT
This stuff works. I was feeling so lost and now after one session it’s like a window opened. I’ve been blessed.
– JO

I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well
I showed up at Karin’s a bumbling, clouded, chaotic mess. Karin has genuine ability to tune into a person’s needs and emotions, and she works using various methods like EFT and TAT. By the end of our session, I was SHOCKED to realize how clear my mind was, how happy I felt, and how unbelievably settled my body seemed. This was only my second energy therapy session (both of which were with Karin), and it’s been two for two. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well. – Rebecca Craig www.eat-me-desserts.com

Obvious Expertise
Karin has a heartfelt willingness to help and an obvious expertise in the area of chronic health problems. – WB

5 Month Pain GONE!
I started working with Karin to eliminate any blocks that were holding me back from creating my coaching business. A brick wall seemed to face me each time I got started even when all the obstacles were gone and there was not one good reason why I couldn’t put my plans into effect. I needed to discover what was holding me back so after reading about EFT and taking a workshop, I decided to call Karin.

I had high hopes and a willing spirit walking into her office. We tapped on issues, and at the end of the session, I casually mentioned to Karin that my feet had been hurting throughout my arches curling all my toes and radiating pain to my big toes. I had thought of changing my shoes, adding inserts or anything else that might help. She worked me through the pain by giving it shapes, sizes and color. At the end of the session to my astonishment, what had hurt me for over five months was gone. Within 30 minutes, I was free of the pain with the explanation that my feet were telling me that I was afraid to stand on my own two feet. I left with happy feet and a renewed hope that I can make my plans a reality.

Thank you again for everything. Lauren

A Huge Difference
Thanks for the work you have done with me. Can’t say exactly what have changed but there is a huge difference everywhere. You are wonderful; firm, responsive, quick, clear and a zillion other things that I can’t express without getting too emotional. – AND my mother called!!! Now that is really, really something… – Mona V

Birth Reimprinting: It works!

When Karin mentioned “rebirthing my children” I must say, it wasn’t at the top of my list of fun things to do. I still remembered the first go around! You see my twin children were born by c-section under emergency circumstances. Since birth, my son AJ has always been a very nervous and hyper kid. My daughter Nicole always had immediate tears in her eyes when there was any commotion or tension. I simply assumed that these were their personalities…I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After the birth reimprinting, I saw an immediate change in both my children…that same afternoon, when they arrived from school! They were both calm and suddenly very affectionate, greeting me with dozens of kisses. AJ has been calm and more focused and Nic seems to be stronger and not so teary-eyed.

Of course, I questioned (internally) whether any of this would last, and I must say, the changes have held to date (the session took place about three weeks ago). Since the session, both of their grades have improved and they just made the Honor Roll at school! I’m not saying that re-birthing will make your children smarter, but I would recommend this treatment for anyone is concerned for their children or who has had a difficult birth experience…it works! – AG

The MBA of EFT
Karin, Your masterful delivery of material and our active participation during the EFT LEVEL 3 course in Annapolis was absolutely wonderful. I felt it was like the MBA of EFT. And if like they say that the proof is in the pudding, I must tell you my clients are definitely benefiting from it all. Thank you Karin and keep up the excellent work! – Leo Proano

You are truly an outstanding teacher
Let me say first that the course on Matrix Reimprinting with you was one of the finest training courses I have ever attended. The material was so well presented, with a sense of layers of developing understanding, and outstanding insights and information and modeling. You are truly an outstanding teacher. Since I have a doctorate, and many other designations, I have attended quite a few trainings. I would put yours as one of the top and most effective. What talents you have. – Diane Butturff, PhD, CFP, CCP, EFT Cert 1

Loving and Supportive
All is good!!! Very moving and eye opening. Karin is very loving and supportive
. – BJ

Mind blowing
Mind blowing, Karin. I cannot believe how much stuff I’ve learned in one day! Would like to be able to spend WEEKS being taught by you.
– MG

A Natural
Karin, you are so good – a natural. You helped me big time. Thanks. – AB

Great speaker. Explained everything clearly. Very knowledgeable, Passionate about tapping. Excellent rapport. Gave us lots of ideas. Encouraging. Helpful. Thank you. – ST

Nice clear voice. High Energy. ALL DAY – WOW! Lots of info. Very practical. Wide variety. Very involving. Thanks. – BB

Filled with Inspiration
What a great day. THANK YOU so much. You have filled us with inspiration and a box of tools…Sharing your knowledge and passion. Thank you and keep shining. I can’t wait for your next course! – CD

You Met My Resistance with Encouragement
You met me in my resistance – with encouragement, with tools, with acceptance…. Almost TOO much information! All useful and challenging. Loved your genuine stamp of emotion. – TL

Anything with Karin!
What future workshops would I attend? Anything with Karin!
– Attendee survey

You are touching, caring and a beautiful person. Thank you.
– CG

Real life examples… a gifted trainer
You are a gifted trainer who offers a holistic approach, also zooming in and out of specifics and regularly bringing in another angle of the same aspect:  as soon as I find myself questioning something, you seem to offer the answer from yet another angle or with a real life example from a case study.  I also appreciate how you explain why you do something, and then adding many different examples to clarify a particular step/technique or mentioning alternative scenarios. – KS

You’re a fantastic teacher
I had soooo much fun during the MR training last week. You’re a fantastic teacher.  Not only that, you’re teaching  a modality that works and is totally exciting to me.  I”m already using it and am finding it works amazingly well.  You seem to have a zest for life while helping people them heal themselves.  – Greg Livernois

You are very thorough in your training
Lots of great info, practice and demo. You are so present in the class and you know your material so well. It was inspiring to watch you help someone with Matrix Reimprinting. You made it look so easy! You are very thorough in your training, especially on the various strategies to deal with (unexpected) moments. – Christine Metawati

God Sent
I’m so grateful for you teaching me Matrix Reimprinting. It has been such a God Sent to use it with all my clients So powerfully healing.  Thank you. – Tim Ryan

Incredible knowledge of Matrix Reimprinting
Your attitude, commitment, enthusiasm, and incredible knowledge of Matrix Reimprinting were the best things about the seminar. – Michael Kent

Full of great information
The class was full of great information presented in a fun way. You kept the class interested and entertained at the same time. – Bonnie Martin

Outstanding results
The Matrix Reiprinting work is amazing. I’ve incorporated MR into my standard EFT client work with outstanding results. The client insights and rapid changes are profound. – www.EFT-MD.com

Catapulted my skill
This experience catapulted my skill in the use of this technique by leaps and bounds. – Forrest Samnick

Finally have complete peace
I had used EFT on this and had some relief. But after working on it in our workshop using Matrix Reimprinting, I finally have complete peace. – FR

Power to change
The great thing that I have learned is that we have the power to change those difficult experiences that we have saved as snapshots stored in the Matrix. – DS

I wonder how I ever got along without it
I now rarely facilitate an EFT session without using Matrix Reimprinting and wonder how I ever got along without it. – www.LifeWorkswithEFT.com

You rock
You are not only the queen of tapping, you also rock!  :-) – FH

I’ve already got my money’s worth!
I came to the EFT Gathering and after Karin’s presentation, I thought ‘I don’t care about the rest of the workshop, I got my money’s worth’
– Mary

Results of our “Top 3” survey:
Karin was voted as one of the Top 3 Presenters out of 18
– EFT Workshop Organizer

8 Years of Pain GONE
I have to tell you this. My sister has had back pain for 8 years. The last 3 chronic. She’s tried chiropractic, dry needling, yoga, PT etc. no help. I offered to tap with her. I was not optimistic, I’ve had mixed results with pain and it is my sister, mixing energy could be tricky. I went over to her house yesterday. When we did the set up statement she started to cry. We did a heart thymus rub instead of karate chop. I felt she needed a softer touch.

She said she could not stand to be in this much pain daily. She works full time and has two kids under 10 and a husband.

We started tapping. First round, things started to shift, I was getting a little hopeful. Second round, even more shifting. Third round, she stretched, opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “you’re kidding.” Fourth round, even better. She tested her back, walked around, sat, stood, bent… no pain. I left after spending about an hour with her.

She told me grocery shopping was awful-pushing a cart was so painful. Today I texted her to see how she was doing. She said she was at the grocery store and she’d keep me posted but no pain. She just texted me again, hours later, said she has a few twitches but no pain. (of course, we did discuss the metaphor that her back is telling her i.e. the burdens she’s carrying, not having a voice etc.) I cannot do that therapy work with her but I planted the seeds. Very exciting. – VS, Workshop Attendee

Tania Prince

David Rourke

You Rock
I can’t Thank you enough, Karin, for helping me with my “Stage Presence”. You were so clear (and kind) with your feedback and you were able to show me alternatives to what I was doing. It was an incredible boost to my own self-confidence! – You Rock!

– David Rourke, www.davidrourke.ca

Spot on advise
With EFT gaining a higher profile more opportunities are presenting themselves for people to promote it to the wider audience. There can be an art and skill to doing that successfully. Karin is one of those people I trust to give me spot on advise because with her experience both in front and behind the camera, she notices the small details that can make the difference better whether you look good or not.

– Tania Prince, www.eft-courses.co.uk

Highly Recommend
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course for ANYONE interested in becoming a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner!!! Karin is great, and adds alot of humor to her trainings.


Karin’s Background:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer
  • Co-author of the EFT Levels Comprehensive Training Resources with Ann Adams, director of the former EFT Masters program (www.EFT4PowerPoint.com)
  • Active EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practice
  • Created www.YouTube.com/TapWithKarin
  • Developed the free program at www.EFTwords.com
  • Speaker at 2009 EFT Masterclass
  • Writer, webdesigner and interviewer for the MTTassociation.com website and co-editor of the MTT manual
  • Featured in EFT Hub and the Tapping Insider’s Club
  • Guest Speaker for Living Energy Secrets, EFTproRadio, The Tapping Fest, Matrix Reimprinting Training Telecourses, and more
  • International Trainer for EFT (AAMET Certified)
  • Interviewer for the EFT Masters Worldwide Website and other programs
  • EFT Universe Training Certification Development Team
  • Co-Developer for the MTT Certification Program with EFT Masters Dr. Pat Carrington, Lindsay Kenny, Nancy Gnecco and other EFT Masters)
  • Member of ACEP – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • Member of INHA – International Natural Healers Association Studied
  • Pre-Med for 3.5 years at Villanova University – BA in Communications
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – NGH
  • Edited and Videotaped Meta-Medicine and EFT 9 DVD training set
  • Co-Trainer with Richard Flook – author of Why Am I Sick? and international trainer for Meta-Medicine
  • EFT Level 1 Certificate from Ann Adams, Director of the former EFT Master Program (and 3 more times with EFT Masters Gwyneth Moss, Lindsay Kenny and Karl Dawson)
  • EFT Level 2 Certificate from EFT Master, Dr. Carol Look (and 3 more times with EFT Masters Gwyneth Moss, Lindsay Kenny and Karl Dawson)
  • EFT Level 3 Certificate from EFT Master, Ann Ross (and again with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss)
  • Matrix Reimprinting Trainer Certificate from EFT Master, Karl Dawson
  • Ongoing EFT mentoring from Ann Adams, Director of the former EFT Master Program
  • Bob Doyle “The Secret”/Carol Look Certificate from their 3-day workshop
  • 18 hour certificate from EFT Master Training Workshop in Dallas
  • 18 hour certificate from the EFT Master Training Workshop in Denver
  • 18 hour certificate from the EFT Master Training Workshop in Boston
  • 18 hour certificate from the EFT Master Training Workshop in Sydney
  • Certificate from the UK Masterclass 2007 and 2008
  • Dr. Carol Look – various workshops including Trauma and Abundance 3-day workshops
  • Video taped and edited Gary Craig’s EFT and Brain Waves Seminar in Boston
  • Attended the last EFT Master Candidate 2-day seminar (the program was then cancelled)
  • Videotaped and edited over 32 hours of private EFT sessions and teachings for various EFT Masters (Pat Carrington, Loretta Sparks, Ann Ross, Jaqui Crooks, Judy Byrne, Gwyneth Moss, Emma Roberts, Sue Beer and Tania Prince)
  • Created over 80 DVDs on EFT
  • Videotaped and Edited Sandi Radomski’s Laser training DVD and Ask and Receive training DVD set
  • Various additional workshops in motivation, team work, training, management, ethics, marketing and writing
  • Read/watched over 300 books and DVDs on Energy Psychology*, EFT, Universal Law, Motivation, Alternative Healing, Education, Health, Nutrition, Natural Health, Business, Acupressure, After-Life, and more.
  • And gratefully really good friends with LOTS of GREAT EFTers (and that’s what REALLY counts!)
PTSD Cleared It Helped My Business
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A Psychologist Speaks This Really Works
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EFT and Chronic Fatigue First EFT Session with Karin
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

*Energy Psychology is a term first used by the original founders of ACEP: Fred Gallo PhD., David Gruder PhD., and Dorothea Hover-Kramer.


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