EFT Certification Program

Special Opportunity:

Submission of Case Studies is required for certification. You must submit at least one video and 2 audio sessions – along with your written explanation. If you are studying under Nancy Gnecco or myself, and attend one of our trainings (Level 3 or Healing Vacations,) sessions can be videotaped at no additional cost on breaks and evenings of the trainings. (It will be included in your certification and mentoring costs.)

Overview From Karin:

I have developed a “package” for complete certification because many workshop attendees wanted to be mentored and EFT Certified through me.  I am honored and always excited to help this wonderful tool grow, help others, and share all that I’ve learned over these many years.

I am also a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer. So I have many practitioner candidates who include Matrix Reimprinting as a part of their case studies.  As long as all the EFT requirements are demonstrated, Matrix Reimprinting can be a part of your required case studies. (Videos on Matrix Reimprinting)

As you know, I’ve worked with 28 of the 29 EFT Masters, Gary Craig and Ann Adams (director of the former EFT Masters program) to develop training videos. That work ended up giving me the most excellent training I could get. Equal credit goes to the hundreds of clients I’ve had the honor to help (and especially the “I’m a tough client” ones… LOL)  I enjoy passing that knowledge onto others – as well as the things I learned by trail and fire!

I am not for everyone. I am high energy, many times talk fast (remind me to slow down), and have a crazy sense of humor. I tend to trust EFT for what I know it can do and find out WHY it works later. I do teach the science, but I concentrate on how to drive the car more than how the carburetor works. My required reading gives you PLENTY of engine parts. I trust that anyone can be an EFT practitioner; they simply need to learn what they don’t know. “What you don’t know” is different for everyone – that’s my job – to help you find the missing pieces so you can be the best practitioner you can be.  And everyone has a “sticky wicket” along their path – that’s when I’m the most patient.

I’ve specialized in marketing and advertising for television and websites – so I have a unique perspective in helping you be successful. And I am not a “licensed professional” – which actually means I had to work harder and be more careful. (If only I had known when I was going into college that I’d be doing this!…Instead I had 3 years in pre-med and ended up with a Communications degree! Long story.)  In taking on clients, knowing where NOT to go is as important as good training.  (If you want trainers with degrees in psychiatry, psychology, etc. please visit www.EFTunited.com – you’ll find many there.) I have had much training in the alternative healing field, please take a look here if interested.

I am diligent.  EFT Practitioners work with people’s lives – this is not taken lightly. Although I’m very easy-going, you won’t get certified until I truly believe you are qualified. And I will help you get there. I work closely with other highly trained EFTers for the practitioner candidates who choose to become certified with me. Part of our group sessions include EFTers like EFT Master Nancy Gnecco and Dr. Pat Carrington.

I will soon be having a swapping sessions site and a place where newer practitioners can work with “regular” folks at a reduced cost so they can learn their craft with my guidance.
I’m excited you have gotten to the bottom of this letter!  It means you might be excited to become the best you can be and I can help! Email and let me know you are interested! Karin@HowToTap.com

Full Certification

Click Here for Karin’s Basic Contract that includes the standard needed mentoring and case study consultations.

There are many practitioner candidates who have already had extensive training. I will discuss this with you on a one-on-one basis so I can determine where you can jump in along the path (and price accordingly.)

How Much Does It Cost?

If you take all your workshops with me and you go through the certification process, mentoring, and case study review with me (without grandparenting and without you needing extra consultation):

The total for EFT Level 2 Practitioner: $1,320 which includes workshops, mentoring, review and evaluation – could be less if you sign up for the workshops through early bird pricing. (Cost of CPD materials is additional)

The total for EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner: $1,320 which includes workshops, mentoring, review and evaluation – could be less if you sign up for the workshops through early bird pricing. (Cost of CPD materials is additional)


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