Credit for Current Skills, Past Training and Related Workshops

I am very open to learning your current skills and training to allow them to fulfill many certification requirements. Many trainings, courses, DVDs and more can fulfill the continuing Professional Development requirement. Also there are some grandparenting permissions.

If you have attended a Level 1 & 2, or have been practicing EFT, or studied Gary Craig’s DVDs or believe you have the skill set to be grandparented into a Level 2 or Level 3 advanced path, please contact me.

If you feel you have sufficient knowledge, you may also “test out of” having to take the Level 1 and 2 workshops and pick up with the other listed certification requirements. You may find out more about this EFT on-line test.

Related trainings can fulfill your CPU requirements. This will be discussed on an individual basis, if you plan working with me as your mentor/trainer. Please see more details here.


In some states, workshops and group mentoring qualifies for certain CEUs. More of this will be developed in the coming year.


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